Eşti aici


This year, Klausenburg Retro Racing event will take place in the parking place of Vivo Shopping Center Cluj, at the end of this week, in the period August 25 – 27. It is the 5th edition of this traditional event that proved to be a real attraction in a city that became lately a real magnet for important events. The beautiful weather and the generous location are just 2 of the reasons why the organizers estimate a record breaking attendance from both the participants that will enter in the competition of the classic cars as well as from the visitors. Klausenburg Retro Racing is the best opportunity for gathering all the passionate classic cars’ owners and collectors, people that believe that restoring and maintaining such a car is in the same time a pleasure, a personal satisfaction and a duty to be proud of. Admittance for visitors is free of charge and there will be great opportunities to discussing with the car owners and to having a close look to all the cars that are to be exhibited as well as to seeing these automobiles in action during the rally on the special track organized in the Vivo Shopping Center large parking place. As in every year until now, my colleagues from Game World Cluj are proud to be among the sponsors of this event. Good luck!