Eşti aici


Because summer is by definition the season of entertainment, holidays and travels I recommend you the series of actions organized by a joint effort of Stanleybet, Mega Jackpot and Game World Romania, under the generic name: Players League #Fun Tour 2017. The success of the games and contests included in #Fun Tour 2017 is based on a mix of attractions that cannot fail: vivid ambiance with lots of fun and good mood, exciting competitions, valuable prizes, celebrities, beautiful girls and many surprizes. Participants may win branded football Adidas balls, smart watches and LED TV sets, all prizes being awarded by the celebrities endorsing the actions: famous former goal keeper Rica Raducanu, who hasn’t lost his specific humour and smile and Ion „Iron” Oncescu, multiple world champion at skandenberg. Other important aspects contributing to the success of #Fun Tour 2017 are the timing and selection of locations for organizing these actions. Therefor, the  first edition was organized on 4 beaches from the seaside, during the busiest week-end of the season.  Next editions are to be organized in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca. Photos and videos from the first edition of #Fun Tour 2017 are available on the organizers’ Facebook pages.  https://www.facebook.com/constanta.gw/