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The promotion trough "word-of-mouth" remains one of the most effective and most common methods and, in case of casinos, "word-of-mouth" is most of the times decisive. I recommend this book because it reveals how we can benefit from this method and maximize its results. In addition, the books presents an analysis of those subjects that became viral – sometimes without too much effort - versus the ones that can't be promoted despite our efforts to communicating them.

80 / 20 SALES AND MARKETING / Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall is a famous and very active business consultant. The book is based on the well-known Pareto principle, known as the 80/20 rule. By this rule "80% of the results are generated by 20% of the clients". From the point of casino marketing the book is very useful, even more that in some casinos, this distribution may become sometimes even more distorted, getting closer to 90/10.


In my opinion Bill Bishop is a great author because he has something to say and he says it very well. His first book that I read was "How to Sell a Lobster"; I start looking for more so I read also "Beyond Basketball" and "The Problem with Penguins". I recommend all this books as being valuable and useful from the marketing and selling perspective as well as for the enjoyable writing style. 


Dan Kennedy is considered more than an expert, a true guru of marketing.. With an enormous experience, with a lot of published books, presentations at conferences, with a strong community of marketers which is guided by him, Dan Kennedy is telling his learnings in his unmistakeable style: blunt, deeply, directly, with a lot of humour and a touch of arrogance. I recommend his books as he is well-known for his series of "No Bullshit Marketing" books and his original method, "Magneting Marketing".


This is one of those books which makes the difference between the amateurs and the professionals. From the point of view of an casual observer or an amateur in this field, advertising may look exclusively sparkling and creative. In reality, advertising has rules and principles that are scientifically established. In order to being effective in this area one must study and apply then correctly and consistently. 

MARKETER’S TOOLKIT / Harvard Business Essentials

I ordered this book in July 2012 from the Harvard Business School publishing house for a project that I was working at. I waited eagerly to be delivered by express post and I read it in record time. Then I applied some of the things that I read in my project. The book includes a lot of marketing activities, from research and strategy to branding, price management and integrated communication. 


Drayton Bird is one of the most famous experts in direct marketing so I took the opportunity that he spoke in a conference in Bucharest, on May 2008 and met him in person. At the end of the meeting I asked him to sign on his first book translated in Romanian and to tell me what's the secret of success in this area. The answer was as direct as his public speaker style. On the first page of this book, above his signature, he wrote few words "For Andrei, be the best! Drayton Bird"


When we are talking about business strategies, Michael Porter is one of the most powerful names. I appreciate this book and I recommend it to all those who are interested in strategy because beyond the clear explanation of the Porter’s theories and concepts the book written by Joan Margretta includes also very clear and action oriented conclusions.

JACKPOT / Robert L. Shook

This great book tells the story of the Harrah's casinos. Harrah’s company was founded by the legendary Bill Harrah in 1937 and it became the most important company in the casino industry in USA.  The history of the company is interlacing of course with the history of Las Vegas but more important in my opinion it's the content regarding casino marketing that the book is resenting, being well known the fact that Harrah's built its success on a new and original marketing philosophy.

POSITIONING / Al Ries; Jack Trout

I bought the book in April 2008 being attracted by the statement on the first page: "Dedicated to the advertising agency no. 2 in the world". After reading it I recommend this book for the clarity of argumentation of one of the marketing fundamental laws – The Law of Perception - which says that "marketing is not a battle of the products, it's a battle of the perceptions which the consumers have about these products"