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This year, Klausenburg Retro Racing event will take place in the parking place of Vivo Shopping Center Cluj, at the end of this week, in the period August 25 – 27. It is the 5th edition of this traditional event that proved to be a real attraction in a city that became lately a real magnet for important events. The beautiful weather and the generous location are just 2 of the reasons why the organizers estimate a record breaking attendance from both the participants that will enter in the competition of the classic cars as well as from the visitors.


Because summer is by definition the season of entertainment, holidays and travels I recommend you the series of actions organized by a joint effort of Stanleybet, Mega Jackpot and Game World Romania, under the generic name: Players League #Fun Tour 2017. The success of the games and contests included in #Fun Tour 2017 is based on a mix of attractions that cannot fail: vivid ambiance with lots of fun and good mood, exciting competitions, valuable prizes, celebrities, beautiful girls and many surprizes.


I strongly recommend this book, written by Carmine Gallo, an author with in-depth knowledge about the Apple company and about Steve Jobs. For anybody who is interested in improving customer service and increasing customers’ satisfaction "The Apple Experience" is a good read and a precious source of examples and advises. „Do something great, that’s all” or „Hire people based on the way they smile” are just two of them.


Today I would like to recommend you the annual exhibition ENTERTAINMENT ARENA EXPO, the most important event of the gambling industry in Romania. This year, the event will gather 62 exhibitors, on more than 7.000 square meters and anticipates a record-breaking number of visitors. An interesting fact is that this edition of the exhibition is the first to be organized after the regulation of the online gaming sector in Romania followed by the first licenses issued for operating online gaming on the local market.

Retro American Muscle Cars 2016

Today I would like to recommend you the annual exhibition of the American classic cars, Retro American Muscle Cars, already in its third edition. This year the event is going to present around 100 models of American classic cars; among them we will have the opportunity to see some of the most famous cars, real landmarks of the American automobile industry; for sure some of these cars are also famous due to the well-known Hollywood action movies.


Slot Summit is a yearly event organized by Clarion Events that aims to present the latest trends in the gambling industry as well as the most important news from this field of activity. The event consists in a series of presentations delivered by experts and an exhibition of new equipments and technologies.


Casino Inside magazine covers the gambling industry in Romania by focusing its content on the technical, legislative and organizational issues. The magazine’s articles are well documented, covering the news and current subjects in a direct and honest style that reflects very well the personalities of the two owners of the publication.


Chronologically, this magazine was the first publication on casinos in Romania. The magazine managed to find its way, in spite of the difficult period that started in 2009. Even more, the magazine stayed true to its glamourous style and its quality of the presentation. Obviously the content evolved in time; if, in the beginnings, the live casinos were the main subjects, now we find in the magazine a lot of information about poker and slot machines. The magazine approach the casinos area from the perspective of society, entertainment and celebrities. 


The success of any casino depends a lot on the interactions between the employees and clients. This book provides inspiration for rewarding our staff for their superior performance, motivation and their efforts for personal development.

THE CURVE / Nicholas Lovell

Nicholas Lovell is a specialist in marketing the companies from the online gaming market. From his double perspective - marketing and gaming - he created a new and original approach on strategic business development, with direct applications on the gaming area.