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Today I would like to recommend a book that I believe it is very useful every time we want to convince somebody about something or at least to influence his next decision in the direction we would like things to develop.

As its core, „Pre-Suasion” is about what we should do before even starting the conversation that we hope will bring us the desired decision. Under the concept of „Privileged Moments” we will find all the opportunities to make our interlocutor to be more open, more receptive and more interested in us as well as in the subject that we are planning to talk about.

Dr. Robert Cialdini, the author of this book and of another great book in the field of persuasion, „Influence”, is well known as one of the most important experts in marketing and persuasion psychology.

Besides numerous examples and important concepts such as „Persuasive Geographies” or „”The Mechanics of Pre-suasion” by reading this book you will also find out some surprising information as, for example, the fact that in his youth the author used to practice palm reading among the participants to the parties where he was invited and how his observations related to this activity contributed to his interest in the psychology of persuasion.