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Hi! I’m Andrei Frimescu and today I’m going to tell you the story of a record-breaking Jackpot that was awarded a couple of days ago. It happened at Game World Liberty Center, a gambling hall that is well known for the parties and the promotions it is organizing frequently for the loyal customers.

However, in September, all the spectacular parties were a little eclipsed by another kind of attraction specific to slot machine games. Of course, it’s the case of jackpots and, in this situation, the jackpot linked to the Egypt Quest slot machines.

For those who don’t know all the details, the Egypt Quest slot machines are manufactured by EGT company and they are very popular in Romania, due to the mix of the games and also to there own jackpot system with 4 levels. Personally, I believe that the female character from Egypt Quest animation looks a little like Angelina Jolie performing Lara Croft in Tomb Rider movie.

The Egypt Quest jackpots can be won with any bet, but the chances to win increase with the value of the bet. For winning a jackpot, the player must receive 3 specific “Egypt Quest” symbols on reels 1,3 and 5, this combination triggering a set of 8 free games; at the end of these free games one of 4 levels of the jackpot is awarded. It’s important to know that all the 4 jackpot’s levels have no maximum value in order to guarantee that the jackpot will be awarded u to this limit, so these jackpots can increase with no limit.

As it was expected, Egypt Quest machines are among the newest and the most attractive games from Game World Liberty Center so, when the Platinum level od the jackpot started to grow considerable, the interest of the players for the Egypt Quest slot machines started to increase even more.

In the past, this level of the jackpot was won at values between 20.000 and 60.000 Lei and that was a n information for the players who decided to try their luck at the Egypt Quest slot machines, even if some of them usually prefer to play at other games.

So on September 2nd, the Platinum jackpot reached the value of 40.000 Lei but this event didn’t impress much as everyone was preparing for the party to be organized on September 8, when apart from attractions and entertainment, the participants were going to receive many prizes, including a gold ingot 24 Karat.

In the eve of this party, on September 7, the Platinum jackpot exceeded 50.000 Lei so the players and the Game World Liberty Center employees were thinking that there are big chances for this jackpot to be awarded the next day, anytime during the party. Well, it wasn’t the case, despite the fact that a lot of customers attended the party and the Egypt Quest slot machines were played non-stop.

As a result, on September11, the jackpot reached 70.000 Lei and just 2 days later it exceeded 80.000 Lei as a result of the fierce competition among the players trying to win this large prize. The Egypt Quest slot machines continued to be in the spotlight of the players but nobody managed to hit the jackpot so, after 2 more days, it reached the value of 90.000 Lei.

It was already an absolute record, because the biggest Egypt Quest Jackpot ever won in the Game Word gambling halls was awarded in Brasov, at a value of around 80.000 Lei. As a result, everyone was wondering if the Game World Liberty City jackpot will go over the psychological value of 100.000 Lei or it will be won by then.

Well, those who hoped to see for the first time a 6 digits’ jackpot on the Egypt Quest screens were satisfied on September 20, at 10:00 a.m., when the Platinum jackpot went quickly over the 100.000 Lei level. The party from September 23, very attractive due to the “Western Party” theme, didn’t brought the event of winning the Egypt Quest Jackpot, despite the fact that all 6 slot machines were played non-stop, on various bets. As a result, the action from these slot machines and also the suspense continued without a break during the next 3 days of that weekend.

Finally, on Monday, September 26, at 18:49 hours, the luckiest from the most perseverant player of the Egypt Quest slot machines managed to win the Platinum level of the Egypt Quest Jackpot, with a bet of 0.40 Lei, by playing the 20 Super Hot game; By hitting this record breaking jackpot he won 117.714 Lei that were payed to him by a beautiful slot attendant from Game World Liberty Center.

While our player was praised by the crowd and he was drinking champagne with all the other players from Game World Liberty Center, one of them had a funny remark: “Well yes, at this prize it was normal to open such an expensive champagne, it’s really tasty this …Moeciu…or what ever is writing on the label…”