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Responsible Gambling in Romania

On May 19 took place the second edition of the „Responsible Gambling in Romania” conference, organized by Casino Inside magazine. The event was hosted by Paris hall from Novotel Hotel Bucharest and was supported by Romslot – The Association of the Slot Organizers in Romania, Romanian Bookmakers – The Association of the Owners of Sports Betting Operators in Romania and Responsible Gambling Programme.

The representatives of the Responsible Gambling Programme presented the following 3 subjects: „Awareness experiential exercise” by Dr. Cristian Andrei, „Practical advises and specific examples” by Dr. Psychologist Steliana Rizeanu and „Responsible gambling features in online gambling”, presented by Dr. Psychologist Leliana Parvulescu.

On behalf of Romslot took the word of Mrs. Viorela Radoi, as Executive Director of the Association, who talked about the program and offered insights and examples of good practice at European level. The point of view of Romanian Bookmakers was presented by Daniels Gheorghiu, Executive Director of this association. He focused in particular on the development and on the future shape of the Responsible Gambling programme under the terms of the new legislation regulating gambling in Romania and the actual trends identified on the market.

The event was attended also by Mrs. Odeta Nestor, President of the Romanian National Gambling Office, Nestor O.N.J.N. On this occasion Mrs. Odeta Nestor confirmed again the total support given by the Romanian Government to all initiatives related to corporate social responsibility in the gambling field of activity with a special mention for the Responsible Gambling Programme. Mrs Nestor remarked that the Responsible Gambling Program has achieved concrete results and is among the most effective actions of this kind, operational at the moment in Europe.

Finally, I have noted a conclusion that reminded me of a delightful advertising for Schweppes, saying that this is a drink „that makes the difference between men and boys". Similarly, the interest and contribution to the development of responsible gaming programme make the difference between the category of operators that organise their businesses on long-term, respect their customers and understand the importance of social responsibility and the other category, operators who have a limited perspective and are interested exclusively in short-term results of their business.