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Game World celebrates tomorrow 18 years of activity in Romania as the first Game World gambling hall was opened in September 1999 at Bucharest Mall, the only mall at that time in the city.

Long time? In order to answer to this question it would be helpful to look back in time and to remember some of the most important events of 1999: Macao returned to Chinese administration, the football player of the year was Rivaldo from Barcelona and the USA President Bill Clinton apologized for the public scandal regarding Monica Lewinsky. In the same year Germany was the European football champion for the first time after the reunification of the country, „Shakespeare in Love” movie won the Oscar prize as the best movie and Romania was the best place to be for people wanting to watch the total eclipse of the sun.

In what concerns me, in 1999 I was starting to work at Casino palace – Casa Vernescu, after a 6 year period spent at Berlin Casino and Salto Casinos. Fast forward to 2012 when I joined Game World and I started another great work experience. In conclusion I would say that 1999 seams very far away in time! And what happened at Game World during this 18 year period? I would say a long series of countless moments with strong emotions, great fun, quality time with friends, relaxation breaks and alternatives to escape from the daily routine.

One says that a good wine tastes better if served in the right glass so, in the same manner, we believe that gambling is an experience that deserves the right ambiance.

And this idea was the source for delivering the company slogan: Game World, The Elegance of Luck