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On December 7, the Casino Inside Magazine organized the 6-th edition of their traditional yearly event, Gambling Professionals Re-Union.

Year after year, the 2 representatives of this magazine, Dan Bernovici and Marius Raileanu, managed to develop this event and to reinvent its format; therefor, this year edition proved to be again extremely interesting for the approximately 100 participants that attended the conference.

One of the main reasons for this success was the agenda of the event, that included a set of the most relevant and actual issues for the Romanian gambling market mixed with several novel subjects.

In the first category I would include some presentations such as “The Impact of the New General Regulation Regarding Personal Data Protection”, “Human Resources of the Romanian Gambling Industry” or “Responsible Gambling: a View from the Operators Perspective”  

Among the novel subjects I could mention “The effects of the Real Estate Market on the Gambling Industry in Romania” and “A Case Study of the Social Games / Skill Games in Europe”

Another argument for the success of this event was the list of speakers, which included experts and well-known professionals from several fields of activity such as George Butunoiu, Dan Schwartz, Dr. Cristian Andrei, Steluta Oncica, Odeta Nestor, Laura Bosneag as well as the top representatives of the Romanian National Gambling Office (O.N.J.N), Dan Iliovici and Valentin Korman.

Last but not least, an important contribution to the quality of the conference belongs to the great location chosen by the organizers – the Paris hall of Novotel Hotel on Calea Victoriei Avenue and also to the sponsors: ADMIRAL – NOVOMATIC, GAME WORLD, BAUMBET.RO, BAUM GAMES, ROMANIAN BOOKMAKERS and Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen (NNDKP) Lawyers’ Firm.